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Sep 26, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. christopher hitchens, one of our favorite guests on this program, the late great christopher hitchens was your babysitter. >> (laughs) yeah, yeah. >> jon: how did that-- first of all, how are you still alive? (laughter) second of all-- >> i know, my blood is running with scotch. (laughter) he was amazing. >> jon: was he just a neighbor and your folks won't over there and said, like, "hey, dude, can could you watch our kids?" >> "hold our baby, you look trustworthy." (laughter). >> jon: exactly. was your family friends? >> yes, they were all journalists together. there's this great group of investigative journalists and sadly they're dying out slowly but he was one of the greatest and i was very lucky to know him. (cheers and applause). >> jon: we used to love having him on the show. and i was always amazed at his breadth of recall because he had-- >> right, i know, one would think there wouldn't be much recall. (laughter). >> jon: if i get let's say four hours of sleep i can't remember when think birthday is but this guy-- >> i know! >> jon: i always wondered if you pickle your brain-- >> well
Sep 15, 2012 11:45am EDT
is exceeding spectacularly. >> i've heard christopher hitchens on senator gaetz and several others. i'm curious, are you going to be a support person of god or is there something else [inaudible] >> the question is a little bit about my second career. i am the president of a liberal arts college, it's a christian college. i have 1 foot in two worlds. i write about politics, and i've been there now for 25 years. i'm a secular writer. in the last two years, i have been taking on many of the leading atheist around the country and debating him on campus. christopher hitchens was my most formidable opponent. obviously, we miss him. he died a few months ago. yes, i am still doing through for those debates here. it keeps us thinking about the big questions that remain really important. but i attention out is focused through much on obama. i realize that i didn't address the question about the antichrist from earlier. it is kind of like a mosquito at a nudist colony. i'm not sure where to begin with that one. [laughter] >> thank you for coming to michigan. i think that reagan was known as a great comm
Sep 17, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. >> rose: what came closer who said-- >> well, one of which was your friend and mine christopher hitchens. >> rose: came forward and said "there is a prciple here." >> yes, i had known christopher a little but he wasn't one of my close inner circle but he became it. as answer lit choice. he stepped closer and closer to me and that's somebody you want on your side in a fight. i was lucky to have him. >> rose: at least representing you rhetorically. (laughs) >> yes. >> rose: what would you do differently? >> i don't know. i often ask myself that. one thing i think is-- well, i would try not to make that appeasement mistake. i sometimes think i was wrong to accept the please instruction to not go home. i think the only reason i did was because initially we all thought this would be of very short duration. the police thought it, too. it can't be allowed to stand that the head of state of one country orders the murder of a citizen of another country who's living in the country he's a citizen of and has committed no crime. it's outrages you. so basically i was told let's just lie low for a few
Sep 2, 2012 10:00pm EDT
.org. here's a look at some great books being featured this week. christopher hitchens mortality. 2001 nobel peace prize winner recounts his experiences serving as the united nations secretary general, and interventions, a life in war and peace. danny gannon, present his thoughts on relations between u.s. and israel. in israel, the will to prevail. william silver, professor of finance and economics at new york university's school's stern school of business recounts the life of paul volcker and the triumph of persistence. and strom thurmond's america, a history for besser at emory university chronicles the life and real of the late republican senator from south carolina. william chase examines the personal relationship between bill and hillary clinton and the impact both have had on american politics in the book bill and
Sep 12, 2012 11:00pm PDT
who could do that is english. christopher hitchens could do it. he would do it cink drinking. >> rose: and would often come home drunk and do it. >> but it's a very unusual quality. >> rose: how about the intelligence aspect of all that? i mean, how do... >> how does his mind work? >> rose: yeah. >> so his mind is... it's... in a way it's kind of... you recognize the smart lawyer and it's very kind of a clean and analytical mind. the thing that interests me about him as a character is how many unlike things get shoved together. that he is on the one hand very clean and analytical but he's also... he does gravitate towards emotion. but he's... so he's the kind of person who kind of quickly puts his finger on what the main issue is. he's bright. he's obviously bright. i think... it's interesting to see someone of his abilities, he's a person of any abilitys in that office. because the office is above everybody's ability. there's no way you are anything but the amateur in the room on most subjects. you've got these experts coming at you. and i think his mind is good enough that he might
Sep 23, 2012 6:00am EDT
, explaining how her travels changed her life and mental health. the late author christopher hitchens chronicles how he dealt with facing death in "mortality," it's fourth on the list. following that is a list of poems my francesco marciuliano. in the sixth spot, laura hillen brand details the story of an olympic runner's time in world war ii with "unbroken." eight is dearie, the remarkable life of julia child. bob spitz recounts the life of the former office of strategic services researcher and chef. jeffrey brown is ninth with his parenting book, "darth vadar and son," and number ten, ben mcintyre chronicles the allied attack on normandy from the point of view of double agents in "double cross." you can find more on these bestsellers by going to and clicking on indie bestsellers. >> here's a look at some books that are being published this week. ann coulter presents her thoughts on race in the united states in "mugged." michael gordon, a chief military correspondent for "the new york times" and journalist and retired marine corps lieutenant general bernard treynor in
Sep 2, 2012 8:00am EDT
. in "mortality," the late christopher hitchens chronicles his battle with cancer and how he dealt with facing death. 2001 nobel peace prize winner kofi annan recounts his experiences serving as the united nations' secretary general in "interventions: a life in war and peace." israeli politician danny cannen,
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)